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IMSA Convention 2017

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Election 2018

The election committee is pleased to announce the results of the last elections. The following members were elected as Board members at-large:

  • Zina Alathari, DMD
  • Deena Tajran, M.D.
  • Mohammed Al-Zoubaidi, M.D.

With the the elections of these members, the new Board will be composed of:

    Imad Almanaseer, M.D.

    Past President:
    Mazin Sabri, M.D.

    President Elect:
    Salam Alsamak, M.D.

    Firas Karmo, M.D.

    Abbass Alsaraf, M.D.

    Members at-larg

    Mohammed Al-Zoubaidi, M.D.

    Zina Alathari, M.D.
    Deena Tajran, M.D.

Election Committee:
Arkan Alrashid
Raad Toma
Saad Shakir


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IMSA Convention 2017

Synopsis of the Convention:

Friday September 1st, 2017:

Registration went smoothly followed by the welcoming reception. This occurred in a beautiful Rose Garden Area at the beautiful Marriot and Spa of Newport Beach. Following the president's welcome speech and introductions, there was a brief "Welcome to members coming from Iraq"

Everyone enjoyed the warm saxophone music by Raad Korkees

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Saturday September 2nd, 2017:

  • CME Program started following a continental breakfast There were 4 sessions and 12 speakers presented 12 outstanding topics.  Attendees will earn 5 units of CME credit.

  • Group Photo at 6:30 pm (see picture above)

  • Saturday Night GALA:
    Following an acquired ritual group singing of Mawteni, a nice seated dinner, fabulous entertainment by Wisam Al-Iraqi with his band and DJ.
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Sunday September 3rd, 2017:

  • General Assembly meeting was well attended by more than 50 members. Election of new board was discussed and nomination of some candidate took place.

    Following the general assembly meeting there was a brunch served by the hotel with an excellent food variety.

    Going to the hall where is the evening event will take place, some members took the bus to the Pacific Hills banquette hall and others drove to have dinner and enjoy the Chalghi music by Adnan Mansour and his band.

Monday September 4th, 2017

  • Departures Monday September 4th, with lots of fun and good memories.


President Message:

Greetings to all,

I hope everyone has by now recovered from the activities of the most recent IMSA-USA Convention in Newport Beach.

The ​overall ​response that the IMSA Board has received ​regarding the Convention ​was mostly positive. ​ ​

The scientific program was superb. We think that almost everyone enjoyed the social program and the catered food.

We wish to thank the Scientific Committee under ​Dr. ​Saad Shakir's leadership for putting together ​a superb program, and the planning committee in the Board for choosing an excellent venue for the Convention​ at a very reasonable rate, ​and​ a charming social get together program.

We thank everyone who registered and attended our event, in particular, our colleagues from Iraq. We also thank the non-medical members of our community who joined in. You all made our event ​feel like ​a big family reunion.

Last but not least, special thanks go to our Director, Dr. Nabil Girgis and ​to ​my wife, Dr. Ahlam Sabri for putting a great effort in making this event a memorable one.

Next year's Conference is planned to take place in Washington, DC, under the leadership of a wonderful President, Dr. Imad Almanaseer. I hope you all will join ​us in helping​ him make it ​an ​even better event. ​You can start by updating your membership and encouraging others to join. ​

We in the Board, will surely support him.
During ​the past two years, IMSA-USA linked up with our colleagues in Iraq. Several of ​them​ travelled to the United States and attended our ​last two Conventions​.

IMSA-USA ​is now looking to link up with our colleagues in England and Europe.

Our dream is to change IMSA-USA to IMSA-International in the coming years.

It has been a wonderful two years as President of IMSA-USA, with all of its good and ​difficult times.

I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you next year and the years to come​, God willing.

Wish you all the best,

Mazin Sabri


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