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iCons in Medicine

iCons in Medicine is a telemedicine program that uses the Internet to connect health care providers in remote and medically underserved areas with a network of committed volunteer specialty physicians who act as consultants on difficult cases. It expands treatment options for patients who otherwise would not have access to specialty care.

The collaboration is made possible by a special computer software and social networking website. The software allows health care providers in remote areas to upload a case consultation form. Cases are then routed to all available Volunteer physicians according to specialty. These Volunteers use the website's built-in communication tools to respond with clinical advice, from the convenience of their home or office.

The iCons program will debut this year with a focus on helping physicians in IRAQ . We are inviting you to join the IMSA Chapter in providing consultation to our colleagues in the IRAQ. Each volunteer is expected to provide a minimum of 3 consultations per year.

To register please follow these instructions:

Begin by going to

From the Welcome to iCons in Medicine page,

click the following link: Join iCons in Medicine

Follow the directions to register a "General Member" and submit the form.

Once submitted, you will see "Registration Success!" At this stage you can register as an iCons in Medicine Volunteer by selecting "Register to participate in the iConsult Telemedicine Program" at the top of your individual member page.

Select Become an iCon Volunteer. Now you have the choice to join an existing Chapter. Use the drop-down menu and select IMSA.

The following IMSA members have already joined iCons in Medicine:

Yahya Albeer, M.D.

Mazin Albaghdadi, M.D.

Riad Almudallal, M.D.

Imad Almanaseer, M.D.

Arkan Alrashid, M.D.

Khalid Al-Talib, M.D.

Ayser Hamoudi, M.D

Labib Hashimi, M.D..

Hayder Kadhim, M.D.

Alaa Owainati, M.D.

Philip Agob Philip, M.D.