Iraqi Medical Sciences Association


IMSA Collaborations

We at IMSA-USA are happy and proud of our collaborative relationships with organizations with similar visions, aspirations and goals.

The National  American Medical Association (NAAMA) and IMSA-USA have developed a collaborative relationship through our continuing medical education programs (CME). We are also pursuing further mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with that organization including educational, social, and humanitarian directions.

We have recently developed stronger ties with the Iraqi international Medical Association (IIMA), which is a network of over 6000 healthcare providers across the globe. We are involved in their social and educational programs, and are seeking more elaborate involvement with those programs, as well as humanitarian activities.

Our philosophy at IMSA-USA includes the concept that unity and collaboration are a more powerful and effective, as well as successful way to expand our visions and horizons across the world.

We continue to invite other similar organizations to consider collaborative relationships with our organization, as well as introduce our members to other similar organizations to empower and develop visions of common interest, that will ultimately will improve the well-being of our communities, societies, as well as the people of the world particularly in developing and less privileged societies.

We are aspiring to pursue expanding the expertise of our medical professionals to include international educational programs, that hopefully with the advancement of technology  could be available, and delivered  to medical professionals in underdeveloped and poor countries of the world that might not otherwise have access to the expertise that our clinicians have "the latest advances in different medical specialties".