Iraqi Medical Sciences Association


Mission and Vision

The Iraqi Medical Sciences Association (IMSA) is a non-profit, non political educational and humanitarian organization.  The members are physicians, dentists, pharmacists, scientists, and other health science professionals of Iraqi descent  or other individuals who are committed to the goals of IMSA.   Its broad mission is to develop and promote professional, educational, cultural, and humanitarian charitable efforts for the community nationally and for the international community especially our country of origin, Iraq.

IMSA has evolved into a vibrant and dynamic community of health professionals whose driving vision has been the promotion of harmony and unity in the context of scientific and cultural enrichment while strictly adhering to a policy of non-discrimination, whether ethnic, national, or religious.

Since its foundation in 1998 IMSA has been committed to serve the community through:


  • Developing health and educational programs for Iraqi refugees and other refugees in the United States and abroad.

  • Raising funds to help humanitarian missions in Iraq to improve the health care delivery system in Iraq.

  • Support focused small projects to help the under-served Iraqi population in the United States and Iraq.


  • Creating and supervising educational programs for IMSA members via annual educational meetings.

  • Promoting professional relationships among members and organizations of the medical profession in North America.

    Developing continuous medical education programs for IMSA members and health care professionals in developing countries like Iraq.

    Working with national and international humanitarian programs in assisting health care professionals and individuals abroad with health needs.  

    As a respected professional medical association we hope that our promotion of knowledge and humanitarian activities will engage those in the healthcare community as well as the general public to become increasingly involved in our activities and initiatives.